Not only do we sell, we also offer a complete custom made service if required. That means we sort out the packing, the customs clearance and a reliable forwarder or container packaging. We can then make sure that the goods arrive with our customers in the best condition possible.


Within Europe: We are permanently looking to buy items of equipment, machinery and bakery ovens from our neighboring European countries. We also buy demonstration and trade fair machinery direct from leading manufacturers.


We are able to plan your bakery for you.  For example, whether you have a hotel kitchen bakery, a show bakery or a traditional craft bakery, we will help you from the first consultation right up until the start-up of your bakery. We have the know-how and excellent references.


We buy machines and ovens from leasing companies - either when the lease period has expired or earlier if necessary. We also handle the dismantling and storage of dormant bakery equipment. You can be assured of our expertise and reliability all for a fair price.


Removal of bakery equipment/reinstalling of ovens and machines: For this we have a full range of suitable equipment ranging from our truck with its lifting platform to highly specialized technical equipment such as our palett-truck, as well as our manpower. Whether from the cellar or from the first floor – we can handle any removal for you.


We do valuations and also carry out the complete dismantling and equipment removal from insolvent bakeries. Due to our experience, technical know-how and daily business transactions, we are able to find out the real market-value.


We dismantle closed bakeries. We do not just take the best machines and leave the rest – we fully handle the complete closure of the bakery. That means – you can trust us – we gladly pay immediately in cash and we leave you with a clean bakery. That is why the BÄKO and the guilds recommend us!


We willingly buy bakery-vending-cars and vending-trailers.


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